FF FR is a fire retardant clothing collection made by Wander d.o.o.. Protective clothing is intended to protect workers against occasional and brief contact with small igniting flames. They belong to PPE (personal protective equipment) category II. FF FR collection has been tested according to EU standards and has acquired technical files and certificates byauthorized authority.

FF FR collection is divided in to 3 layers, which weight stretches from 185 g/m² to 320 g/m².

When we started developing FF FR collection we have put in a lot of work in making products that are user friendly, comfortable and practical. We were working very closely with professional firefighters as well as with a volunteer fire department.

FF FR collection is intended for wide range of end users. It is primary made for firefighters, military and police force, but can be used in several other non-professional fields. 


FR technology prevents material to catch fire, when we take away or extinguish the source of the fire. Protective clothing is made from flame-retardant treated (FRT) fabrics. These materials are made flame-resistant by the application of flame-retardant chemicals. A chemical additive in the fiber or treatment on the fabric is used to provide some level of flame retardancy.                    


During a fire, chemically dependent fabrics rely on a chemical reaction to extinguish the flame. This reaction is triggered by the heat of the fire and the amount of time the fabric is exposed to the fire.


The lifespan expectation of the FF FR products is limited. FR-treated garments may be damaged by chlorine bleach, the combination of hydrogen peroxide (“oxygen bleach”) with hard water, or exposure to oxidizing chemicals in the workplace.

For FR-treated fabric, such as FR cotton/nylon blends, one way to remove its flame-resistant properties is to use regular chlorine bleach while washing the garment. While use of chlorine bleach may not be recommended per some fabric manufacturers’ laundry instructions, this can happen in the real world. It does not take many washes with chlorine bleach to damage the flame resistance of a FR cotton or cotton/nylon fabric. And unfortunately, the wearer would not be able to tell it was no longer flame-resistant simply by looking at the garment. 

You must take care of damaged or dirty clothes (cleaning or disposing) responsibly; dirty clothes lessen protective standards of the garment, especially if you dirty it with oil, grease or other organic compounds (they can make the garment flammable). 


Fire-resistant T-shirts and underwear with adequate upper layer clothing offer suitable level of protection when working in a high temperature environment. The quality of products and our service and reliable supply of the new fire-resistant protection products guarantees that user gets higher level of protection and stays comfortable.

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